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Assessment and Reporting Arrangements

At Holy Cross Church of England Primary School we value the importance of regular assessment and how this can impact on children’s learning. 

A combination of summative and formative assessment strategies are used throughout the school. 

Formative Assessment  

  • Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions 
  • Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence of learning 
  • Providing feedback that moves learners forward 
  • Activating students as learning resources for one another 
  • Activating students as owners of their own learning 


Summative Assessment  
Pupils participate in termly assessments consisting of:  
Reading Assessment (DIBELS) 
Writing Assessment  
Maths Assessment (Headstart Maths) 

In order for children to make expected or better progress effective communication between teachers, parents and pupils is extremely important, therefore we have revised the way in which attainment and progress are reported to parents.

During the Autumn and Summer terms – face to face meetings are held between the teacher and parents, this year, we would like to see more of the pupils involved within these meetings, they are then developing more awareness of where they are at with their learning and where they need to work towards. 

During the Spring term, a mid-year, short written progress report will be sent home to update on your child’s progress. 

Half termly meetings are also held between the Head and the teacher to ensure that progress is discussed and where expected progress has not been met, specific strategies for supporting those pupils are put in place. 

In EYFS, targets are then set within the teacher’s planning.  Learning journeys will be shared at different times throughout the year. 

This process is designed to ensure that teacher, parents and pupils work together in partnership and to ensure that all are aware of where the child is and what they are working towards achieving.