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The school rules are:  
First time, every time 

The behaviour policy details our approach to behaviour including norms, routines and consequences.  It includes a home-school agreement that is shared with all parents as children start at the school.  All parents are expected to engage in supporting the school with regards to the expectations included within the home-school agreement.   

Response to appropriate behaviour (Rewards) 

Response to inappropriate behaviour (Consequences)  

*Positive Praise  

*Class recognition board – behaviour cards  

*Complete behaviour cards at the end of the week receive a star for the class on the hall board 

*MarvellousMe/messages/notes home – above and beyond/consistently high levels of behaviour/acts of kindness 

*Headteacher’s Awards, for learning or behaviour reward.  Star given for the class on the hall board 


1 Quiet reminder (individual basis) about non-compliance with the school rules.  

2 Warning given – reminder about inappropriate behaviour and make up activity to be given at break/ lunch. 

3 Final Warning – miss time from break/ lunch.  Make up work missed 

4 Send to Head or Head to the classroom, removal of child from the classroom. (Behaviour recorded on CPOMS). Child to work out of the classroom for a period of time  

Discussion with parents – telephone/ end of day.     Pastoral conversation to take place 

5 Internal exclusion – working outside of the classroom for a period of half day or more 

6 External exclusion  

Each child has an achievement card, that is displayed on the behaviour board within the classroom.  These behaviour cards contribute towards the school’s reward system.