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Celebration Assemblies

Celebration assemblies are all about celebrating all the good learning that has happened in the schools over the past term. 

Towards the end of each term, the staff come together and decide upon one child who is the Star Learner within each area of learning, demonstrating excellent attitudes to learning in each of the following areas:
*Foundation Subjects
*ICT/ Computing
*Home learning

Mrs Zeil also chooses one child who has shown over and above attitudes to learning. 

At the celebration assembly the staff share with the children and the parents why this child has been chosen to receive an award for this area of learning.  The children receive a certificate that is displayed in the foyer of the school and a voucher to spend.  

Certificates celebrating attendance, sporting achievements/ participation and any other areas that should be celebrated are also awarded at the assembly. 

Our next celebration assembly is on: Wednesday 15th December - 2.30pm

Please come and join us in celebrating our children’s learning!