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Technology is a very important aspect of our modern daily lives. Our school recognise how important it is in today's world that pupils should have a good knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be used. Our aims are to:
- develop pupils' skills in using hardware and software
- increase pupils' awareness of the potential and limitations of different forms of technology
- to stimulate and promote the use of Information and Communication Technology in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities
- to develop pupil's IT capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and how to select and prepare it
- to teach coding as a specific curriculum area in accordance with the National Curriculum
- to use ICT as a tool to enhance teaching and learning throughout all curriculum areas
- to help both pupils and staff to develop confidence and competence to use ICT in a range of situations and contexts appropriate to the task

The school follows the Purple Mash scheme of learning to teach the Computing curriculum, this is then embedded within other areas of the curriculum, which enables pupils to see how the use of technology can be used in a wider context. The computing curriculum is broken down into the following key themes - 
Coding and Computational thinking, Spreadsheets, Internet and Email, Art and Design, Music, Databases and graphing, Writing and Presenting and Communication and networks. 

In EYFS we begin to develop the children's understanding of technology, what it is and where we can find it.  We introduce the children to the laptops and ipads during the EYFS year where they learn how to log onto a programme and navigate around basic games and platforms.  Children will also begin to become familiar with Purple Mash in preparation for the on-going learning in computing throughout school.

We have a set of laptops that are regularly used within the week and each class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. Pupils are also given the opportunity to use a variety of resources, including calculators, photocopiers, scanners, digital imaging equipment (video and photographic), and audio equipment.

Safety and Security
All parents and children are asked to sign the ICT User Agreement, which clearly states expectations for pupils when using the internet as a resource at school. All children have access to the internet with supervision.

As part of the Computing curriculum, internet safety and security is taught to pupils in age-appropriate stages as they move through the school. We participate in Safer Internet Day each year and e-safety is always an important topic. Please see our e-safety page for further information located in the information section.