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Governance Trust Board

DEMAT comprises of Members and Directors/Trustees in line with the Academies Financial Handbook.

The structure of DEMAT is made up of the following:

  • Members (Five)
  • The Trust Board (Thirteen Directors)

Committees of the Trust Board include:

  • Finance and Estates
  • Personnel
  • Standards and Ethos
  • Audit
  • Remuneration

DEMAT Members

Peter Maxwell - Member/Trustee and Chairman of Board of Trustees
Alex Hughes - Member/Trustee
Paul Evans - Member
Edwood Brian Atling - Member
The Diocese of Ely Educational Trust (DEET) - Member

DEMAT Trustees

Peter Maxwell - Chair of Board of Trustees
Keith Carne - Chair of Finance and Estates Committee
Mike Younger - Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
Wendy Garrard - Chair of Standards & Ethos Committee
Hilary Wright - Chair of Personnel Committee and Chair of Remuneration Committee
Adrian Ball - Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Read - Diocesan Director of Education
Alex Hughes
John Bradshaw
David Bridges
Mike Banyard
Helen Jackson
Robert Skelton Governance