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Reading Journals

Pick one of the reading journal activities from the list below. When you have completed the activity, write why you chose the activity, what you enjoyed about it and what you learnt from doing it.

  • Create a new book cover
  • Write a letter to a character
  • Write a letter from a character
  • Write the conversation between two characters
  • Write an interview with one of the characters
  • Create a storyboard to turn the book into a film
  • Write a play-script of the story
  • Rewrite the ending of the story
  • Create a character web showing the relationships between the characters
  • Write a newspaper article about an event in the story
  • Write a poem, rap or song about the book or a character
  • Pick out your favourite description and say why it is your favourite, and give examples
  • Write a description of your favourite character
  • Draw your favourite character
  • Draw a map of the setting
  • Write a diary entry for a character